St Francis of Assisi, Calgary

Welcome to our Humble Church

St Francis of Assisi, Calgary

Father Joseph and members of the 11am Sunday Choir

We warmly welcome you to our humble St. Francis Church. You are in a wonderful place to worship - to pray, to meditate and to admire this unique architectural form, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Originally, St. Francis was established in 1931 as a chapel of ease from St. Mary's Cathedral. At that time, it cared for a small residential community and the influx of new immigrants. In 1934, Bishop Monahan, then Bishop of Calgary, created it as a parish.

In 1957, the original structure was replaced and the new church was built by Msgr. Joseph Le Fort, acting Pastor, who engaged the well known firm J. Stevenson & Associate. The firm gained honors for this building as an Architectural Exhibition held for Western Canada.

St. Francis serves its parishioners in the Calgary downtown area, the various people working here, not to say, the increasing number each year of tourists visiting our famous City of Calgary.

In 1988, Bishop Paul O'Byrne entrusted St. Francis to the Dominican Fathers. These Fathers are working tirelessly to beautify and maintain it up to date, to serve everyday more and more people from all over the world.

Please help us to do the job to keep St. Francis always serving your spiritual needs.....for many more years to come.

Father Joseph Tran Duc Hau